Why Choose TaxWise

We leave no stones unturned to ensure you get the maximum refund

Unfortunately, getting the maximum refund from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can be a complex process. Like many people, you maybe unsure where to start and have many questions:

  • What do I say to CRA and how should I say it?
  • Does my medical condition qualify?
  • Is my condition severe enough?
  • What forms, information and signatures do I need?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much can I expect?
  • And many others

TaxWise can help: we have over 30 years of specialized medical tax expertise

TaxWise has dedicated the last 30 years to providing tax awareness and solutions to individuals and small businesses. We work with persons with a medical condition and parent and family caregivers across the country to ensure they get all the tax credits, refunds, and reductions they are entitled to.

The TaxWise difference: we look at individuals not groups

Success hinges on looking at each individual on a case- by-case basis: every situation is unique in the eyes of the CRA. That is what we do and it is one reason we have been so successful in maximizing the returns for individuals with a physical condition that is recognized by the CRA. Many of these individuals have been previously approved for Disability Tax Credits but not maximized. Or they have been previously denied by the CRA.

Substantial refunds

By letting TaxWise champion their case, thousands of individuals have received substantial refunds from the CRA. These refunds have transformed the lives of our clients and their loved ones by giving them new financial resources and options for the future.

Find out if you qualify or have unused tax credits

TaxWise offers a proven process and friendly specialists who will maximize your refund by:

  • Determining if there are any disability/medical conditions tax credits or medical expense deductions that you have overlooked
  • Taking advantage of unclaimed tax refunds from previous years
  • Dealing directly with CRA and any doctors or specialists that we feel should be consulted to fully understand your unique situation
  • Providing a turnkey service, from start to finish, to ensure nothing falls between the cracks and you get the maximum refund you’re entitled to

No need to replace your accountant or tax advisor

We offer specialized services and there is no need to replace your current tax advisor.

Start NOW with a free telephone consultation

Your next step is to schedule a free tax consultation. This usually lasts about 45 minutes. We may be able to do this in the comfort of your own home. Or if it is more convenient we can also do this over the phone.

During our free consultation we will:

  • Quickly assess your unique situation
  • Provide answers to your questions
  • Determine whether you qualify for a refund
  • Tell you what to expect

No cost to you

Most people will not take actions to reduce taxes unless they know there are real and positive financial benefits. Recognizing this, our firm decided to make it as risk free as possible to retrieve those benefits. We charge a percentage based contingency fee, on successful outcomes. All future benefits are yours alone and we take no fee going forward.

All consultations are performed in strict confidence

Schedule your free consultation today by completing the email form below or call us toll free at 1-866-448-2188.