Ensure your members get back what they’re entitled to

TaxWise works with organizations across the country to help ensure their members with disabilities/medical conditions get all the tax credits, refunds, and reductions they are entitled to. Contact us to see if we can help any member of your organization who has a physical condition:

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  • Call us today toll free at 1-866-448-2188.

Invite us to deliver a free seminar to your members

We often make free presentations to members of organizations with persons who have a medical condition. We would be happy to come and give your members a free presentation and share pertinent disability tax information.

The TaxWise difference: we look at individuals not groups

Time and time we find that many organizations apply Canada Revenue Agency guidelines to a disability/medical conditions group. Success hinges on looking at each individual on a case- by-case basis: every situation is unique. That is what we do and it is one reason we have been so successful in maximizing the returns for individuals with a physical condition that is recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Improve the financial quality of life for your members

TaxWise has helped thousands of Canadians with medical conditions get substantial refunds from the Canada Revenue Agency. Many of these individuals have been previously approved for Disability Tax Credits but not maximized. Or they have been previously denied by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The refunds we have secured have transformed lives and given recipients new financial resources and options to plan a brighter future.

A proven track record led by friendly specialists

TaxWise offers a proven process and approach for your members. Our friendly specialists will:

  • Determine if there are any disability/medical conditions tax credits or medical expense deductions that have been overlooked
  • Take advantage of unclaimed tax refunds from previous years
  • Deal directly with Canada Revenue Agency and you, the referring physician, to fully understand the patient’s unique situation
  • Provide a turnkey service, from start to finish, to ensure nothing falls between the cracks and your patient gets the maximum refund they’re entitled to

It starts with a free telephone consultation

We will schedule a free tax consultation with each member. This usually lasts about 45 minutes. We may be able to do this in the comfort of their home. Or if it is more convenient over the phone.

No cost to your members

If we confirm a member’s eligibility for a refund and champion their case, we will only be remunerated if we are successful. Any payment is based on a percentage of the refund we secure for your member: there are no out of pocket costs for our services.

All consultations are performed in strict confidence

Schedule your free consultation today by completing the email form below or call us toll free at 1-866-448-2188.