Person with a disability/medical conditions:


Hello. My name is Phyllis. I would like to share with you how TaxWise became such an important part of my life.

I have a form of cerebral palsy that greatly affects my balance. Taking public transit to work became virtually impossible for me. By 2004, I was taking taxis at least three times a week to get to my job. That became a very expensive means of transportation, especially on my salary.

I contacted different agencies, trying to acquire some assistance, only to be told that because I did not use a device such as a walker or a cane, I was not eligible for any means of transportation that assists the physically disabled. I was feeling very frustrated, and, by this time, angry. The taxi costs were putting a strain on my marriage. The Cerebral Palsy Association was my last hope. They told me about TaxWise. I contacted them immediately, and spoke to Christine MacLean. She was wonderful.

TaxWise submitted the necessary documents to the government. My request for a Disability Tax Credit was granted. By May 24, 2006, I had received a total of $9,460.32. TaxWise had acquired a disability credit for me from 1995-2004 inclusively, as well as my 2005 Disability Tax Credit.

TaxWise changed my life. I went from owing a substantial amount on every tax return, to receiving a DTC each year. It is so reassuring to know that once tax time is upon us, my return is done by caring professionals who have my welfare and best interests at heart. Thank-you to everyone at TaxWise.

With much appreciation,

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