Family caregiver:


My mother in law was in a nursing home for quite a few years and while a lot of her basic care was provided for, there were things and medications that she needed which were not covered by the health care system such as a special cream for her skin, Vitamine B12 injections, a sling to support her arm when she fell and injured it (fracture), clothing etc.

We found out that there might be tax credits that were available for her if she qualified. Being a nurse I knew she would qualify but I know nothing of tax credits and tax preparation and that’s where TaxWise came in. I spoke with one of their representative and after less than 30 minutes they knew that they would have a successful file. Not only would my mother in law qualify but because she was not paying taxes, having a very limited income, her credit would be transferred to me as I was providing for her and had taxable income. The approval by CRA was not only good for the year the file was opened and all future years but it was also retroactive. This resulted in quite a nice sum of money which I received and used for her well being.

Had I not heard about TaxWise and the great work they do, this money, which I was entitled to, would have sat there unclaimed. I was able to claim the tax credit for every year after my mother in law qualified until the year she passed away. TaxWise was not only very professional in their approach but they also kept me well informed of their progress and were always available to answer any questions I may have had. I would recommend TaxWise to anyone wishing to inquire as to whether or not they or a loved one would qualify for tax credit.

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