TaxWise Clinics

TaxWise Clinics

“EMPOWERING CANADIANS with sound income tax advice”.

Keynote Speaker: Christine MacLean, CGA

“From claiming travel expenses to medical facilities, to addressing all benefits relating to physical and/or mental injury, illness or disability conditions: this is an experienced approach to income tax services specifically addressing individuals, families, and caregivers living with medical and/or disability issues”.

TaxWise runs tax reduction clinics across Canada. Come back often to check for updates on dates and locations or contact us today:

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Who should attend

Any individual who suffers from a physical condition or a family or parent caregiver who provides support for an individual with a physical condition will benefit from attending a TaxWise clinic. Specifically:

  • You are under prolonged medical care or are infirm.
  • You suffered a mental or physical injury or illness that permanently or temporarily markedly affects or did affect your daily living during the past ten years.
  • You provide financial support for a spouse, dependant, or relative (common law relationships included) who is under a doctor?s care or has suffered a mental or physical illness or infirmity that continually and markedly affects their daily living.
  • You or a close relative with a disability/medical conditions have significant personal medical expenses you may not know that you could have claimed.

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