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TaxWise has helped thousands of Canadians who manage a medical condition or a disability (either their condition or the condition of a family member) receive every credit, adjustment and refund which they are entitled to.  Often concluding with the recipient receiving a government issued cheque for thousands of dollars.

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This process starts with a free consultation with a TaxWise Refund Specialist.


There is no fee for the consultations.  Only if we are able to find unclaimed credits from your last 10 years of income tax, after the confirmation of a successful outcome, TaxWise charges an industry standard percentage based contingency fee.

That means, if we find you nothing, you pay nothing.  That’s the TaxWise Guarantee!

Call now for a free review (1 866 448 2188). On that first call, we are able to begin the process in determining whether you qualify for disability and medical credits, and are often able to estimate how much money you should receive.

We’ll quickly assess your unique situation and:

Determine whether you qualify for disability/medical conditions tax credits (DTC)

Find out what’s included in The TaxWise Comprehensive Analysis:

Find out what’s included in The TaxWise Comprehensive Analysis
  • Review of previous 10 years income tax returns
  • Spouses, families …. The most favourable outcome
  • Claiming auxiliary treatments and alternative therapies
    (including horseback riding for autistic children, taxi’s to/from private tutoring centres; etc.,etc…)
  • Review potential benefit of “Multiple claims … care expenses”.
  • Retirement home and attendant care expenses
  • Identifies …home renovations
  • Action Plan … credits

No cost to you

Most people will not take actions to reduce taxes unless they know there are real and positive financial benefits. Recognizing this, our firm decided to make it as risk free as possible to retrieve those benefits. We charge a percentage based contingency fee, on successful outcomes. All future benefits are yours alone and we take no fee going forward.

All consultations are performed in strict confidence

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