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Previous Disability Tax Claim (DTC) not maximized:

When our son was thirteen someone mentioned to us that we should apply for a disability tax credit. We completed all the paperwork and sent it in to the government with an expectation that our request would be approved.

Unfortunately that was not the case and we didn’t pursue it further. A few years later, it was suggested to us to contact TaxWise and they would assist us.

We were amazed at how easy the process was. A representative explained everything clearly and helped fill out the paperwork. They worked with the CRA and our family doctor. You can imagine how pleased we were when we received the letter saying that our claim was approved and then like magic, the cheques came for the back taxes that we claimed.

It was our pleasure to have TaxWise take their fee from the reimbursement (not to mention that that was another tax write off for the following year). Five years have passed and we were requested by the government to re-apply. We immediately called TaxWise and once again they came to the plate and hit a home run! They have been so easy to work with that we have them do our taxes for us every year since we started our relationship. Way to go TaxWise!

Previous Disability Tax Claim (DTC) but not maximized:


Previous Disability Tax Claim (DTC) not maximized:

I am a mother now to a teenage son who has a behavioral disability [ADD]. My son's history of diagnosis came about when he was three years old. We migrated to Canada when he was four and the school that he attended referred us to an institution for further evaluation of his behavior. As he grew up, we underwent several psychological assessments, special therapies, school IEP and community programs. On our part as parents, rearing him was quite a struggle as my son in major aspects and appearance is normal but the behavioral and mental maturity is behind.

We moved from Toronto to Mississauga and availed ourselves with some community living services. The agency offered many informative sessions to families with disabilities including one of the sessions that we attended back in early 2009 on income tax -- disability tax credit hosted by your Christine MacLean. It was a very informative and beneficial session as I came to know that with my son's condition, we can be eligible with disability tax credit refunds. I have been doing our taxes for several years and I must admit that I don't have the expertise to claim a DTC.

After the session, we made an appointment with Christine and hired the TaxWise services. We waited until good news came of TaxWise’s hard work. Working with them had paid off. We received a substantial past tax refund after several months. We are grateful and didn't regret that we turned to TaxWise for professional help. The refund helped our family pay off additional private courses/programs for my son.

Thanks a lot TaxWise and more power to your firm! I would surely recommend every family with disabilities to seek your professional services.


Family caregiver:


My mother in law was in a nursing home for quite a few years and while a lot of her basic care was provided for, there were things and medications that she needed which were not covered by the health care system such as a special cream for her skin, Vitamine B12 injections, a sling to support her arm when she fell and injured it (fracture), clothing etc.

We found out that there might be tax credits that were available for her if she qualified. Being a nurse I knew she would qualify but I know nothing of tax credits and tax preparation and that’s where TaxWise came in. I spoke with one of their representative and after less than 30 minutes they knew that they would have a successful file. Not only would my mother in law qualify but because she was not paying taxes, having a very limited income, her credit would be transferred to me as I was providing for her and had taxable income. The approval by CRA was not only good for the year the file was opened and all future years but it was also retroactive. This resulted in quite a nice sum of money which I received and used for her well being.

Had I not heard about TaxWise and the great work they do, this money, which I was entitled to, would have sat there unclaimed. I was able to claim the tax credit for every year after my mother in law qualified until the year she passed away. TaxWise was not only very professional in their approach but they also kept me well informed of their progress and were always available to answer any questions I may have had. I would recommend TaxWise to anyone wishing to inquire as to whether or not they or a loved one would qualify for tax credit.

Parent caregiver:


The moment my son was tragically injured in January of 2007, our lives were changed; there were no more “normals”, many new expenses, many more tasks to be researched and completed, it seemed the only thing that stayed the same was the fact that income tax returns were due April 1. By April 1, 2007, I had already incurred over $30,000 in medical expenses that were not covered by OHIP, never mind the additional costs to live out of province until my son was able to return to Ontario.

I had little time to prepare my own lunch, never mind my tax return! I commenced a search for documentation to instruct me how to file my son’s tax return as a newly disabled adult, and my own as a family member with a disabled dependent. I spoke to Canada Revenue, many accountants and the Canadian Paraplegic Association, but none of them knew of anyone who specialized in filing tax returns for the disabled.

I did pay a young and eager accountant to file our returns on time, to ensure that I did not have to pay any penalties, but the refunds we received barely paid the cost of the filing. Indeed, the accountant could find little information on which medical expenses could be claimed.

By the time the 2008 tax season came around, life was settling down, expenses were still mounting, and I was determined to find an accountant with experience filing for the disabled and their families. It was not easy, but one day while reading the front page of the Globe and Mail online, I joined an online chat, with a leading financial advisor, who was providing free tax advice. Within seconds of my request for assistance locating an accountant who specialized in filing tax returns for disabled persons, the expert provided me with the name TaxWise, with the caveat that he thought they only had an office in British Columbia. Within moments, I had connected with TaxWise in Ottawa, and had booked an upcoming free tax consultation, with Christine MacLean.

My discussion with Christine was a huge break through for me! For the first time since my son’s accident, here was someone who understood exactly what financial and medical issues I had been facing, and their tax implications, and was more than willing to take my “pile of receipts and expenses” and make sense of them. There was no up front cost to me, and only a small percentage of the refunds I would receive for medical deductions would be retained by TaxWise as payment for their services! I cannot begin to describe the relief I felt. Not only did TaxWise complete mine and my son’s tax return filings in 2008, but they resubmitted our previous tax returns to recoup many of the expenses that the original accountant I had used had not been aware were eligible for tax rebates!

All of the team at TaxWise have treated me as a valued client, and my experience has been more positive with them than with any of the tax accounting firms I had used in the past. TaxWise has saved me and my son thousands of dollars over the past 2 years, and has provided me with a much-needed sense of security, knowing that they are a team of experts who specialize in helping families and individuals with disabilities to recover monies that they are entitled to. Money may not buy happiness, but it is essential in order to cover the extremely high cost of medical supplies and services necessary to keep our loved ones safe and secure, and if at all possible, out of the hospital and living in their own homes.

I was delighted to share my extremely positive experience with TaxWise, with the Canadian Paraplegic Association in Ontario, who now hold TaxWise seminars at several of their locations. I wish someone had told me about TaxWise when my son got hurt; it would have saved me a great deal of anxiety and money, at a time when the last thing I needed to worry about was paying my taxes.

I have only great things to say about my experience with TaxWise. All of the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very professional – they make me feel that I am a valued client. My first discussion with Christine MacLean was definitely one of the turning points of my new life as a family member of a disabled individual. It took a long time to find TaxWise, but it was definitely worth the effort; I no longer dread tax time, in fact I look forward to the refund!


Person with a disability/medical conditions:


Hello. My name is Phyllis. I would like to share with you how TaxWise became such an important part of my life.

I have a form of cerebral palsy that greatly affects my balance. Taking public transit to work became virtually impossible for me. By 2004, I was taking taxis at least three times a week to get to my job. That became a very expensive means of transportation, especially on my salary.

I contacted different agencies, trying to acquire some assistance, only to be told that because I did not use a device such as a walker or a cane, I was not eligible for any means of transportation that assists the physically disabled. I was feeling very frustrated, and, by this time, angry. The taxi costs were putting a strain on my marriage. The Cerebral Palsy Association was my last hope. They told me about TaxWise. I contacted them immediately, and spoke to Christine MacLean. She was wonderful.

TaxWise submitted the necessary documents to the government. My request for a Disability Tax Credit was granted. By May 24, 2006, I had received a total of $9,460.32. TaxWise had acquired a disability credit for me from 1995-2004 inclusively, as well as my 2005 Disability Tax Credit.

TaxWise changed my life. I went from owing a substantial amount on every tax return, to receiving a DTC each year. It is so reassuring to know that once tax time is upon us, my return is done by caring professionals who have my welfare and best interests at heart. Thank-you to everyone at TaxWise.

With much appreciation,