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5 Reasons For Hiring TaxWise to File Your Disability Tax

If you are a person suffering from any kind of disability it can be very hard for you and your caregivers when it comes to paying bills and taking care of other issues that require money. This is because disability prevents you from being able to work. Being unable to work however does not do away with your tax issues since you are still required to pay taxes.

When this happens, you need to request for tax refunds that are entitled to all people with disabilities. One of the most popular companies where you can get the best representation in requesting for disability tax refunds is TaxWise.

TaxWise has been around for about 30 years. Over the years the company has worked with so many clients in Canada and has managed to get them their tax refunds. The company deals with patients with disabilities and their caregivers.

However, there are many other situations that qualify you to hire the services of this company in order to get tax refunds. The staff here treats every client as an individual. Every case is different and the approach they use in each case to get the tax refunds is also different.

  1. There are advantages of allowing TaxWise to file your tax refund. First and foremost the company views your case from all sides to see whether or not you qualify for a tax refund. This is important because it saves you time and money in case you do not qualify.
  2. Another advantage is the fact that the company has a lot of years of experience. This is of great importance because it gives you an assurance that you will be well represented and you may get a refund. Last but not least, if you end up getting the refund, it will enable you to be financially secure even in the future.
  3. The process of acquiring disability tax benefits is composed of a series of steps. First and foremost, the company requires you to make a consultation via telephone. This gives you more information about the whole process and how much money you should expect at the end of the entire process. The next step involves an in-depth consultation whereby the person in charge of your case goes through all the details to see whether or not you qualify and all the other necessary details they need in order to get you as much tax refund as possible.
  4. Once this is done, the next thing you are required to do is to fill out all the necessary form required. The next step requires your representative to communicate with physicians and the revenue authority in order to give them all the information about your case.
  5. Once the company has received information about your case from a physician and the CRA, they then decide whether you qualify or not. If you do they present your case to the CRA after which they give you the verdict of whether or not you got the refund. The amount of time it takes for you to get a refund depends on your case since all cases are different.


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Reliable Sources To Help with a Disability claim

When seeking a disability claim one must know how these figures are arrived at, where to turn to in case of mishaps and so on and so forth. Having the right information at hand will guarantee that one isn’t swindled by providers who are fond of doing this to unsuspecting clients. Living allowances for the disabled are paid at varied set rates. It all depends on how ones disability affects them. It is divided into two; the mobility and care component. One can get either components or just one. Individual circumstances affect the amount one gets.

When making claims there should be no delays whatsoever since this could lead to loss of benefits. Claims must be made straight away. One can get a disability claim package by calling disability and care services or the benefit inquiry line. There is also the option of contacting local social security offices or benefits office. The other easier option that is easily found online is by form downloads and these forms are available on various websites that deal with disability claim related issues and are aimed at helping the disable persons in society.

TaxWise is one such established medical and disability tax specialist that’s based in Canada. They have handled thousands of cases for disabled persons, caregivers, seniors, physicians, organizations, those with approved claims that haven’t been maximized or who were denied previously. They have many success stories from individuals they have helped. They are experienced and professional in their work and they assist in making of claims, receiving of reductions, refunds and tax credits. They offer clients free consultation to help them understand what they qualify for, if they do qualify in the first place and what they can expect.

They can easily be contacted on their website for consultation booking or through their phone number that’s available on their site as well. They assist people with medical conditions and disabilities and they have clearly detailed information on the conditions which qualify. They also help those who’ve been under medical care for prolonged periods or have suffered an illness or an injury, either mental or physical which has temporarily or permanently affected them and their daily routines of living over a decade. TaxWise have friendly specialists and proven processes.

They are reliable when it comes to checking for deductions from medical expenses and tax credits for medical conditions and disabilities. They give specialized services and they get in touch with specialists, doctors and agencies directly to know more on the client’s medical history and exact situation. They take advantage of possible tax refunds that were unclaimed in years before. During their consultations they are able to assess situations quickly, answer client queries, determine refund qualifications and give precise expectations.

They have no charges during consultation and they only charge a fee of a certain percentage after the claims have gone through and the client has been able to retrieve their benefits successfully. Once benefits have been retrieved they belong to the client alone and they don’t charge anything going forward.


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3 Keys to Disability Benefits In Canada: All You Need To Know

What Are Disability Benefits?

Disability benefits are refunds granted by the government of Canada to its citizens with health impairment or disability. The amount of refund is calculated on the basis of income tax paid by the individual. It can also be claimed as a credit to reduce the tax liability of an individual in future. In both the cases, the impairment that the citizen claims to be living with has to be certified by a medical practitioner to have an approved certificate from the CRA or Canadian Revenue Agency.


Disability Tax Credit

In simplest terms, disability tax credit is a non refundable tax credit that can be used by taxpayers with disabilities to reduce their taxable income. In order to receive your credits, you need a T 2201 tax form duly filled by a medical professional, a Disability Tax Credit Certificate and approval of Canadian Revenue Agency. If your income does not fall under taxable limits or if you only require a part of full credits to nullify your tax liability, you can transfer all or a part of the credits to your common law partner or even your spouse or any other person supporting you.


Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for Disability Tax Credits, you must meet all the three conditions mentioned below:

  1. You must be suffering from a disability or impairment which has either lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of 12 months or more.
  2. Your impairment must be severe enough to restrict you substantially all the time.
  3. Your impairment must be certified by a qualified and registered medical practitioner who should give a certificate to the effect that both the above conditions are met by you.

The refunds and credits recognize a person with impairment as a person whose physical or mental challenge impairs the person’s ability to carry out basic activities of day to day life such as “walking”. For instance if you need a walking stick to move around and your pace is at least three times slower than an average person of your age who does not suffer from an impairment, then you are eligible for the credits.

A 2001 survey revealed that 31.5% of Canadian citizens over the age of 65 suffered from mobility related disabilities. Out of these, Walking’ was the most prevalent impairment besides other problems such as speaking, hearing, dressing, feeding, mental capabilities and bladder or bowel functions. Vision problems also qualify as a disability to be eligible for tax credits. The Canadian Revenue Agency does not take into consideration a person’s capacity to work while determining his or her eligibility for disability benefits. The final condition is that either you or your spouse must have paid taxes in the past because the refund is based on taxes. You need to have paid a minimum tax in order to make your application worthwhile. If you have been suffering from a disability for long, your tax returns dated as far back as 10 years can be reassessed.


Deductions and credits for caregivers

If you are a caregiver for a disabled person, you stand eligible for the family caregiver tax credit amount which will allow you to offset your expenses of caring for a dependent. You can also contribute funds towards a special savings account known as the Registered Disability Savings Plan. Contributions to this plan are not tax deductible and the amount contributed is matched by the government through Disability Savings Grants and Bonds. Children who suffer from ADHD, ADD, FASD, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, maniac depression, anxiety disorders, diabetes type 1/2, learning disabilities, epilepsy and irritable bowel syndrome stand eligible for the disability amount.


It goes without saying that the process of getting the disability tax credits requires knowledge of law on the subject. It has often been seen that ignorant people remain bereft of the benefits that the government has instituted for them. It is therefore wise to resort to the services of a qualified legal practitioner who can guide you through the entire process of receiving refunds. There may be small mistakes such as a wrongly documented medical certificate that may overwhelm you resulting in you quitting the idea of getting refunds. A qualified advocate can make you aware of your eligibility for disability benefits, assess the exact amount of refunds you are eligible for, contact the medical practitioner, communicate with Revenue Canada and do everything required to get you your rightful money.


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Features of a Great Disability Tax Benefit Company

Features of a Great Disability Tax Benefit Company

There are some important features of a good company to guide you on the disability tax benefit. There are many companies offering such services but not all companies will give the same services in terms of quality and prices.

There are many people with disabilities who find it very hard to distinguish the best and vague companies to assist them in claiming their tax reduction right.

It is therefore very important for you to take some time and look for the outstanding features of the best companies where you will be able to get the best services at the best prices. Here are some of the features that can guide you easily:


1.Great Companies Have Been In The Field For A Very Long Time

Experience plays a key role when it comes to choosing the best company. This is a feature that will distinguish the genuine and vague companies. The new companies in the field are just there to make more money from their customers and they will not survive in the field for a longer period of time. The moment the customers know other cheaper options with genuine services concerning disability tax benefit, they will leave the inexperienced companies and make use of those that have stayed in the filed for a longer period of time. Therefore one of the outstanding features of a good company is that they have a reasonable experience.


2.They Have A Genuine License

Most of the available companies do not have a license yet they offer consultation services concerning the tax benefits of the disabled. It is very important to make use of the licensed firms so as to get the best services.

Before given the license, they must have been vetted and properly checked to ensure that the kind of services they offer meets the required quality standards. This means that you will get quality services at affordable prices that are set by licensing body.


3. They Are Easily Accessible And Always Available To Offer Their Services

One of the features you should look for is the ease of accessing their services and how they will respond to an emergency call. There are those companies that will not be able to respond at odd hours and in case of any emergency at odd hours, you will have to wait till the following day. A good company has a full time customer support services where they will respond to their clients whenever there is any need. In fact most of them have online live support where you will access them via online methods and even get the solutions to your problems online.


4.They Have a Lot Of Positive Reviews On Their Websites Regarding Their Disability Tax Benefit Services


A good company is characterized by more positive reviews by their customers. When people or the public make use of their services, they will post on their websites either asking for other services or even giving an overview on the genuine nature of their services and the quality. A good company will have a lot of positive reviews and no negative testimonial.


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How to Easily Learn About Disability Tax Benefits

How to Easily Learn About Disability Tax Benefits

For you to understand your disability tax benefits you need to consult an expert in the field. There are some experts who will offer you the services online, those are the best experts for you to hire in case you will like to enjoy great services. This is due to many reasons, for instance, after you decide to hire the experts online you will be assured of saving your time.

Even if you work in an environment where sparing some time for you to use in travelling to where the offices of the experts are located, while hiring the experts online you will also achieve in selecting the best in the field for you to work with.

This is possible because cases of people who will be trying to convince you into making certain decisions will not be there. Benefits of accessing disability tax benefits advice online include the following:

Looking For Advice About Your Disability Tax Benefits Online Will Save You Time

After you decide to visit a given website from where you will access all the information about disability tax benefits you will avoid wasting your time in travelling from your home to where the offices of the experts are located. In case you are too busy, you can always use the time that you will spare to accomplish other things in your life which may require your immediate attention.

Locating The Best Disability Tax Benefits Advisor Online Is Very Easy

You may be cautious where you will like to locate the best expert whom you will like to work with, in such a case you should search online for the blogs owned by experts from where you will be able to locate the best information which will lead you to making the best decision.

You may be surprised after you discover that there are many tax benefits that you are supposed to receive in case you are disabled but due to your lack of knowledge you are missing all of them. After access advice online you will easily know the way forward for you to easily access the necessary help.

In order to access the necessary information which will lead you to making the best decision you need to try and consult experts who have a lot of experience in the field. You will easily know about such people after you take some moment and check on the blogs of different experts who offer advice online about disability tax benefits that disabled people are supposed to receive.


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Disability Tax Benefit And What You Can Claim

Disability Tax Benefit And What You Can Claim

Anyone who has a severe mental or physical disability will need financial help to allow them to live a happy and safe life. Knowing the entitlement will not be clear to all and it is advisable to seek help to ensure the highest rates are received. Becoming eligible for disability tax benefit is the way to make this happen.

It is important that your doctor is on board when it comes to disability tax benefit as it can be claimed for past years. By reviewing the doctor records, the date that you became eligible will be determined. It is vital that all the details are available as you can then claim tax credit each year. Acceptance that you are entitled to disability tax benefit will also allow applications to be made for other programs.

It is expected that it will be in the region of $1600 that will be saved each year and when you consider that you could be involved with the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), Disability Bonds and Disability Grants it is clear that savings will be significant. That $1600 will just be the start as each program brings its own additional payment.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) dates back to 2008 and allows both grants and bonds. This disability benefit is going to allow a more comfortable lifestyle for families on a low income. With the bond, the family income has to be less than $41.544 and there is no need to pay into the Registered Disability Savings Plan to get access to the bond. It is possible to claim up to twenty thousand dollars during your lifetime and this is at a rate of one thousand dollars a year.

The Disability Savings Grant will see savings made to the Registered Disability Savings Plan matched by up to 300%, providing the family income has not reached eighty-one thousand, nine hundred and forty-one. dollars.

Over your lifetime this can be as much as seventy thousand dollars at a rate of three thousand, five hundred dollars per year. Once you have put in five hundred dollars each year, this will lead to a payment from the Canadian Government of one thousand, five hundred dollars. When another one thousand dollars is put in the Government will add one thousand dollars.

This benefit is not limited to just the head of the household or the person considered to be the bread winner, but can include, children, home buyers and care givers. It is also possible to class certain tuition as a medical expense and receive disability tax benefit for that as well.


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An Overview of Taxwise Company & Their DTC Services

An Overview of Taxwise Company & Their DTC Services

We at TaxWise Company have specialized in helping those people with medical/ disabilities conditions, as well as their caregivers to get the maximum tax refund that they should have when looking for them from the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA.

What serviced do we offer?

We help the following people get tax refunds, credits, and reductions from the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA:

  • People with a medical condition
  • Parent caregivers
  • Seniors
  • Physicians
  • Family caregivers
  • Organizations
  • Approved but has never been maximized
  • Previously denied

Why Should People Choose Our Services?

First, we have experience in the market after offering our dtc services for over 30 years for the clients who need them when acquiring the tax refunds, credits, and reductions. From the amazing tax refunds, credits, dtc, and reduction services for the people who need it in Canada, we have gained a reputation from the excellent services that we provide. Through this, we have acquired a huge number of clients looking for tax refunds from the Canada Revenue Agency through our services. We have also provided tax awareness as well as solutions to both individuals and even small businesses within Canada.

As opposed to other companies that look at people as groups, we will always look at you as an individual when offering you these services. Through this, we have managed to offer the best tax refunds, credits, dtc, and reductions services for the people who need them in Canada.

We will enable you get substantial refunds. By letting us at TaxWise champion your case, we will ensure that you receive substantial refunds from the Canada Revenue Agency. From the tax refunds we have given to our clients, we have transformed many of their lives as well as those of their loved ones through offering them new financial resources as well as options for their future.

We will never charge you money when offering you these services. We charge a given percentage based on a contingency fee, on any successful outcome. Remember that all of the future benefits will always be yours and we will never take any fee henceforth after the first payment. This means that you will always get the maximum benefit from our dtc services.


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Benefits for Disabled People

Benefits for Disabled People

Disability means leprosy-cured, blindness, low vision, loco motor disability, hearing impairment, mental illness and mental retardation. The person suffering from disability means the person who is suffering from disability that is more than 40% of any disability. There are certain benefits given to the disabled person due to their disability. Here, are few of the tax benefits for disabled people.

Tax Benefits for Disabled People

1. Standard Deduction:

The taxpayers who are legally blind can be entitled to a higher standard deduction on the tax return.

2. Gross Income:

Some of the disability-related payments, Supplemental Security Income and Veterans Administration disability benefits are been excluded from the gross income.

3. Impairment-Related Work Expenses:

The employees who have a mental or physical disability which limit their employment may be able to claim the business expenses that are in connection with their workplace. These expenses are necessary for the taxpayer to work.

4. Credit for the Disabled or Elderly Person:

This type of credit is usually available for certain taxpayers who are of 65 years of age or more and it is also available for certain disabled taxpayers whose age is less than 65 years and are retired on term of total and permanent disability.

5. Medical Expenses:

The medical expenses of the disabled person can be deducted if their deductions are itemized by using the Form 1040, Schedule A.

6. Earned Income Tax Credit:

These types of tax benefits for disabled person are available for the disabled taxpayers and also to the parents of a child who has a disability. If the person is retired on disability then the taxable benefits which he or she receives under their employer’s disability retirement plan are considered as the earned income until the person reach the minimum retirement age.

The earned income tax credit is a tax credit that not only reduces the tax liability of the taxpayers but it may also result in refund. There are many working individuals who are disabled and have no qualifying children but are older than 25 years of age and are younger than 65 years of age qualify for earned income tax credit. In addition, if the child of taxpayer is disabled then the age limitation for the earned income tax credit is been waived.

The income tax credit has no effect on certain public benefits. Any refund which you receive because of it will not be considered as income when determining whether you are eligible for the benefit programs such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.


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With TaxWise, getting the refund you are entitled to is easy

TaxWise specializes in helping people with disabilities/medical conditions, and their caregivers, get the maximum tax refund they are entitled to.


Previous Disability Tax Claim (DTC) not maximized:

When our son was thirteen someone mentioned to us that we should apply for a disability tax credit. We completed all the paperwork and sent it in to the government with an expectation that our request would be approved.

Unfortunately that was not the case and we didn’t pursue it further. A few years later, it was suggested to us to contact TaxWise and they would assist us.

We were amazed at how easy the process was. A representative explained everything clearly and helped fill out the paperwork. They worked with the CRA and our family doctor. You can imagine how pleased we were when we received the letter saying that our claim was approved and then like magic, the cheques came for the back taxes that we claimed.

It was our pleasure to have TaxWise take their fee from the reimbursement (not to mention that that was another tax write off for the following year). Five years have passed and we were requested by the government to re-apply. We immediately called TaxWise and once again they came to the plate and hit a home run! They have been so easy to work with that we have them do our taxes for us every year since we started our relationship. Way to go TaxWise!