An Overview of Taxwise Company & Their DTC Services

We at TaxWise Company have specialized in helping those people with medical/ disabilities conditions, as well as their caregivers to get the maximum tax refund that they should have when looking for them from the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA.

What serviced do we offer?

We help the following people get tax refunds, credits, and reductions from the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA:

  • People with a medical condition
  • Parent caregivers
  • Seniors
  • Physicians
  • Family caregivers
  • Organizations
  • Approved but has never been maximized
  • Previously denied

Why Should People Choose Our Services?

First, we have experience in the market after offering our dtc services for over 30 years for the clients who need them when acquiring the tax refunds, credits, and reductions. From the amazing tax refunds, credits, dtc, and reduction services for the people who need it in Canada, we have gained a reputation from the excellent services that we provide. Through this, we have acquired a huge number of clients looking for tax refunds from the Canada Revenue Agency through our services. We have also provided tax awareness as well as solutions to both individuals and even small businesses within Canada.

As opposed to other companies that look at people as groups, we will always look at you as an individual when offering you these services. Through this, we have managed to offer the best tax refunds, credits, dtc, and reductions services for the people who need them in Canada.

We will enable you get substantial refunds. By letting us at TaxWise champion your case, we will ensure that you receive substantial refunds from the Canada Revenue Agency. From the tax refunds we have given to our clients, we have transformed many of their lives as well as those of their loved ones through offering them new financial resources as well as options for their future.

We will never charge you money when offering you these services. We charge a given percentage based on a contingency fee, on any successful outcome. Remember that all of the future benefits will always be yours and we will never take any fee henceforth after the first payment. This means that you will always get the maximum benefit from our dtc services.


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Over 15,000 success stories

We had the Disability Tax Credit, but did not realise that there was so much more that we qualified for! When our son was thirteen someone mentioned to us that we should apply for a disability tax credit. We completed all the paperwork and sent it in to the government with an expectation that our request would be approved.

– Barbara & Harvey Bloomfield

I am a mother now to a teenage son who has a behavioral disability [ADD]. My son’s history of diagnosis came about when he was three years old. We migrated to Canada when he was four and the school that he attended reverted to an institution for further evaluation of his behavior. As he grew up, we underwent several psychological assessments, special therapies, school IEP and community programs. On our part as parents, rearing him was quite a struggle as my son in major aspects and appearance is normal but the behavioral and mental maturity is behind.

– Mrs. Maria Griselda